zps.jpg Ethanol Poduction Plant in Goszyn is a modern facility producing on the basis of the newest industrial engineering, technical microbiology and biotechnology solutions.

The basic idea guiding the plant's designers was to organize production in such a way that the entire production process in within one process line, which is reflected in optimum use of the media.

For production we use only consumption-quality cereal and water from our own intake. Modern installation and constant supervision in our own laboratory is to provide chemically pure product, suitable for production of best vodkas, beauty and pharmaceutical products.

In 2009 the investment „Diversification of Komers International activity by starting bioethanol production” was completed, realized within the frameworks of EU Program.


The plant implemented the Integrated Quality Management System ISO 9001 and HACCP to guarantee top quality of its products.


  • Dehydrated ethyl alcohol (bioethanol)
  • Rectified ethyl alcohol
  • Agricultural distilate