Komers International exists since l990.

Since the very start we have been gaining experience in business being one of the leaders distributing alcoholic beverages in Poland.

Currently the most important areas of our activity are:

  • production of rectified spirit intended for food industry, pharmacy and household cleaning products.
  • production of bioethanol intended for biofuels production.

On the basis of rectified spirit we produce high-quality vodkas, mainly for the USA market and national market.

  • Ambrosia vodkas and liqueurs series: Goldwasser, Miodowa, Pszeniczna, Pieprzowa
  • Double White vodka
  • Kashubian regional vodkas - Gryf and Gbur

We are successfully developing our developer's activity - we proud ourselves for Modre residential development in Straszyn as its unique urban order and location on the picturesque area nearby Straszyńskie lake are really admirable.

  • 1st position in the competition „Best investment of Gdańsk Borough until 2002" awarded by the Marshall of Pomorskie Province, Jan Kozłowski.
  • 1st position in the competition „Best Investment of Gdańsk Borough 2009" awarded by Institute for Promoting Entrepreneurship, Democracy, Culture and Education.

In our economic activity we pay attention to the natural environment, which is why, concerning this issue, we cooperate with scientific units. We invest in innovative electric energy and heat production technologies from renewable sources.

Within the frameworks of the agriculture farm, using ecologic methods, we have a nut orchard which, in the future, will become a beautiful ornament to the neighbourhood.

  • A honourable mention during the 7th edition of All-Poland Competition „Farmer of the year 2000"
  • A honourable mention during the 8th edition of All-Poland Competition „Farmer of the year 2001"
  • State laureate of AGROLIGA 2001 competition